Denim Kevlar Pant

Outer layer Denim woven fabric
Inner second layer Kevlar knitted fabric
Inner third layer polyester mesh fabric

Fabric Gsm:
14 oz

Available Sizes:

Available Color:
Denim in black, Blue in different washes
Kevlar in yellow,

The majority of manufacturers fit only partial patches of Kevlar into their cargo pants/jeans giving you only partial protection.

In the Maher Apparels pant you will find a 100% Kevlar fabric all the way round the leg from top to bottom, plus an inner liner to help wick the moisture from your skin which also stops chafing making them the most comfortable pant available for riding.

Cool to wear. They also come with pockets in the knees & hips for protection which is the latest high impact absorbent amour which is both light weight, comfortable and will mold itself to your body shape.

Relaxed fit
Heavy cotton denim quality
Kevlar interior inserts at knee, hip and butt
Brass buttons
Two front pockets and a small change pocket
Two rear pockets
Machine wash and dry