We are pleased to introduce our company Maher Apparels.

Maher Apparels has been a leading manufacturer of Industrial Work wears, Industrial Gloves, Racing Suites & Fashion wears since 2009. We have established ourselves as a company who cares about its customers. We strive to deliver quality, at a good price, always keeping in mind the need of our customers.  Our friendly and efficient office staff goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with quality and service.

We manufacture a whole range of protective clothing& Fashion Clothing according to the customer’s specification, for Fashion, commercial and retail industries. The ranges of clothing we offer in various colors, Finishes are sure to suit your needs.

Materials Used:

The materials we use are the DuPont Nomex® , DuPont Kevlar® , Honeywell Spectra® , Denim Kevlar® , 100% cotton, FR Treated Cotton, 65/35 poly cotton, with different finishings according to customer requirement like, Fire Retardant Treatment, Oil Repellent Finish, Chemical Resistant Finish, Water Repellent Finish, Dust Resistant Finish, Stain Release Finish, Anti-Microbial Finish, Anti-Bacterial Finish, Anti-Static Finish etc.

We have also supplied specific garments, made to order for companies with specific requirements.